About me~ I am a self taught artist and have been painting since leaving school.  My favoured medium all those years ago was water colours, however about 10 years ago I started to use a number of printing methods to produce art.  I now work almost exclusively using collagraph printing, however my love of water colours means that many of my images are hand finished using water colour washes.  My work is inspired by the sea, music and my garden, and movement and rhythm are important elements.  I currently live in Suffolk where I have my studio (visitors by appointment only).

The Process~ Collagraph printing is a technique in which a printing plate is made using cardboard, glue, textiles and natural materials to create texture and form.  This plate is then varnished and when dry  inked up by gently applying the colour with scrim or a rag.  Any surplus ink is then removed and the plate is put through a large printing press with a dampened sheet of paper.  Different colours can be applied in a number of ways.  Either a number of plates can be produced, one for each colour.  However normally the different colours are applied to one plate and then subtly blended.  Given that the plate is made out of cardboard, pieces can be removed, inked up separately and then placed back into position before printing. 

The plates used to print collagraphs are delicate and start to deteriorate quite quickly.  All of the collograph prints shown on this site are limited to a maximum of 12 prints and each one will be slightly different and are all hand finished.

Exhibitions~ I have exhibited in Norwich, Blackthorpe Barn near Bury St Edmunds and at Snape Maltings.  I also have my work in a small number of galleries in Suffolk.  In addition I am a member of Gainsborough House Print Workshop in Sudbury, and belong to Suffolk Open Studios.

Photography ~ although I wouldn't claim to be an expect I have a passion for photography and my love of  travel and my garden provide me with a constant source of material,  Some examples of my work can be seen on my photography page.