Whilst most of this website is dedicated to printmaking and watercolour painting, I am also a keen photographer and some of my photographs are also available for sale from this site.  

Most of my photographs are taken on my travels or in my garden or are inspired by the Suffolk landscape near my home.  I find that my love of travel and of photography are complimentary, with the former providing the opportunity for the latter and visa versa. 

A  lot of my pictures show texture and form, such as the photo on the left taken on a beach in Dorset. 





Others are of scenery that I find moving or inspiring such as this view of a the Bangkok skyline.  





Many more photographs can be seen on the Studio page of this website.  All of these photographs are available for sale (prices range from £7.50 - £20 depending on the size).


Other photographs can be seen by accessing flickr and by viewing some of my Photo Journals at Blurb.com (links to both sites can be found via the 'link' tab to the right of this page).